Leica DISTO D8

NEW DISTO ™ D8 - With Bluetooth, on screen targeting and 360° angle measure

Leica DISTO D8Free Leica Training with your DISTO D8 - Roof measuring for solar panels

The Leica DISTO ™ D8 laser measure has it all, plus more. If you measure everyday this laser measure will revolutionise how you work and how quickly you work. The full colour on-screen targeting makes external measuring easy even in bright sunlight, with a range of up to 200 Metres. With the integrated BLUETOOTH® technology you can directly transfer data to your computer increasing accuracy and reducing time. Cleverly combining a high precision laser distance meter and an accurate tilt /incline sensor means the DISTO ™ D8 can now measure almost any elevation.

FREE Bluetooth app available for android

To download the free apps, please visit Google Play and search for “leica disto”, choose “Leica DISTO sketch” and “Leica DISTO transfer” and follow the onscreen instructions for installation.

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Leica DISTO D8 at a glance

Leica DISTO ™ D8 - Overview

Leica DISTO D8 - with BLUETOOTH®


With integrated BLUETOOTH® Technology, measurement results can be wirelessly and accurately transferred to Pocket PCs and PCs. Thus you can easily process your data in Excel®, Word®, AutoCAD® and other programs.

Leica DISTO D8 - tilt sensor

360° tilt sensor

The combination of angle and distance measurements allows you to determine distances where conventional methods fail. The horizontal distance, for example, can also be determined quickly and efficiently past obstacles or the elevation of a tree, even though there is no reflective point.

Leica DISTO D8 - digital pointfinder

Digital Pointfinder

Thanks to the digital Pointfinder with its 4x zoom and high resolution 2,4" colour display, you can measure long range distances quickly and easily because you always see your targeted point.

Leica DISTO D8 - free software

Free software

The delivery package contains the transfer software "Leica DISTO ™ Transfer" - easy to install and with automatic updates. The AutoCAD® plug-in additionally allows convenient planning and drawing with your AutoCAD® software.

User Training - Measuring for solar panels Solar Panel Surveying with the Leica DISTO D8

The highlights of the Leica DISTO ™ D8?

The Leica DISTO ™ D8 is packed with all of the functions contained in the best selling external laser measure the Leica DISTO ™ D5, with many more additional clever functions. Here are our top 5 reasons why the Leica DISTO ™ D8 is the ultimate laser measuring device:

  • Seeing is believing: If you have ever tried to measure outside in bright sunlight with a laser measure you will know how difficult it is. The Leica DISTO ™ D8 has changed this. A video image is projected onto the screen similar to a digital camera allowing the user to accurately target up to a 200 metre range. The image on the DISTO screen can be magnified 4 X, The screen is full colour and has a sensor to automatically adjust the contrast and brightness.
  • Tree and Cable Heights: The accurate 360° angle measure, combined with a little bit of Leica programming ensures that heights of trees and cables can be measured easily without the need to reflect a laser off difficult surface. Heights of buildings, roof slopes and roof lengths are easy with the Leica DISTO ™ D8 laser measure.
  • Data transfer: The Leica DISTO ™ D8 has integrated BLUETOOTH® technology. Measurements can be transferred wirelessly and accurately to a windows based mobile computer such as Pocket PCs and mobile laptops. The FREE software includes an AutoCAD® plug-In and interface to all other windows and Vista applications. Integration is easy, and our technical team is always available to assist. Call 0800 292 2188 for support.
  • Ground profiling: Simple, gradients, height changes and profiles are possible with the Leica DISTO ™ D8
  • Leica DISTO ™ Warranty - 3 Year, no quibble warranty available at here.

The Leica DISTO ™ D8 is a compact unit with a colour screen designed for ease of use. The menu functions are clear and the inbuilt camera unit with 4X digital Zoom provides on screen accurate targeting up to a 200M range.

For more information please call 0800 292 2188 and speak to one of the technical advisors

DISTO D8 FeaturesDISTO D8 BluetoothDISTO D8 - Indirect measurementIllustrations

How does the Leica DISTO ™ D8 differ from the Leica DISTO ™ D5?

The Leica DISTO ™ D8 appears to cost quite a lot more than the Leica DISTO ™ D5, but it is has many additional features that easily justify the extra expense. The Leica DISTO ™ D8 is the ultimate laser measuring device.

  • The Leica DISTO ™ D8 has Bluetooth data transfer and can transfer data directly into any Windows based application and comes ready with an AutoCad interface.
  • The Leica DISTO ™ D8 has a full 360° angle measure. This allows for limitless height measurement and full 360° profiling. The Leica DISTO ™ D5 is limited to 45 degrees.
  • The Leica DISTO ™ D8 can measure heights, even when you cannot bounce a laser off the point of reference (ie Trees, telephone or power cables).
  • The Leica DISTO ™ D8 can measure roof lengths, slope angles with two easy measurements. It can also be used to profile land and buildings and obtain average ground angles or offer change in height calculations.

To discuss these features further, please call our technical support team on 0800 292 2188 and we would be please to help. Free trials available for 28 Days.

The benefits of the Leica DISTO ™ D8 laser measure:

Benefits Popular with
Easy Measuring outside using digital Pointfinder (4x zoom) Surveyors
BLUETOOTH ™ data transfer Architects
Laser pin point accuracy ± 1.0mm Cable engineers
Inclination measurement for full 360 degrees Forestry
New Leica - Power Range Technology ™ for long distances (200 Metres) Utility engineers
Site Proof casing - Water and Dust resistant (IP54) Constructors
Large colour display screen (2.4 inches) Scaffolding
Pythagoras with angles, Indirect measurement of heights Construction Companies
Tripod thread Solar Companies
Tree and Cable Height measurement Functions
Roof angle and Length functions

Leica DISTO ™ D8 FAQ's, and many general questions regarding the practical use of our Leica DISTO laser distance measures on our FAQ's page. For free friendly advice simply call 0845 2572188 and ask for a Leica DISTO ™ product specialist or email sales@laser-measure.co.uk

Leica DISTO D8 Options:


Leica DISTO D8

What's included:

  • Case
  • Target plate
  • Batteries & strap
  • 3 year warranty
FREE Delivery
3-Year Warranty



  • 0800 292 2188
D8 Bundle Leica DISTO D8 + Leica TRI 100

DISTO D8 + TRI 100

What's included:

  • DISTO D8
    (RRP £649.00 + VAT)
  • Leica TRI 100 Tripod
    (RRP £39.00 +VAT).
FREE Delivery
3-Year Warranty



  • 0800 292 2188
D8 Bundle Leica DISTO D8 + Leica TRI100 + Leica TA360 Tripod Adapter

DISTO D8 + TRI 100 + TA360

What's included:

  • DISTO D8
    (RRP £649.00 + VAT)
  • Leica TRI 100 Tripod
    (RRP £39.00 +VAT)
  • Leica TA360 Tripod Adapter
  • (RRP £59.00 +VAT)
FREE Delivery
3-Year Warranty



  • 0800 292 2188
D8 Bundle Leica DISTO D8 + A4 Target Plate

DISTO D8 + A4 Target Plate

What's included:

  • DISTO D8
    (RRP £649.00 + VAT)
  • Leica A4 Target Plate
    (RRP £19.00 +VAT).
FREE Delivery
3-Year Warranty



  • 0800 292 2188

Service pack - included FREE:

Leica Geosystems Service and Support
  • Telephone training
  • Access to our training videos
  • Next day warranty replacement
  • Onsite telephone support
  • 3 year warranty
  • Trade up option
3 Year Warranty
Leica TRI 100

Leica TA 360 Tripod Adapter

For horizontal and vertical measurements

This bracket offers the perfect solution for Disto users who wish to take advantage of the remote measurement functions in both the horizontal and vertical axis making it ideal for the measurement of roofs and other difficult to reach targets.

  • Made for Leica DISTO D5 & D8
  • Fits perfectly on a Leica TRI100
  • Rotating axis, tilt axis and laser axis meet in one point
FREE Delivery
3-Year Warranty

WAS £89.00
£59.00 excl VAT
In stock

What our customers say about the Leica DISTO D8 and our service

Leica have produced the greatest ever laser measure. The Leica DISTO ™ D8 is the answer to all of my wishes. I congratulate the design team and thank you for your technical help. Your knowledge has helped me get the most from my investment. I have tried the interface between the DISTO ™ D8 and Autocad. It was easy to set up and works well. I carry my Leica DISTO ™ D8 everywhere. Many thanks again.

Zak Mellor – London Surveyor - October 2009

The Leica DISTO ™ D8 has changed how we work. As described it easily interfaced with the PDA running the Cad software. The new angle measure functions have saved us time and reduced the need to climb ladders. If you need a product reference, tell them the Leica DISTO ™ D8 is fantastic for the size and great value. Great service as well, I appreciate you spending the time to explain the functions so clearly.

Michael Smith - Architectural Services - Stratford Upon Avon

Leica DISTO ™ D8 laser… fantastic. We survey the site with the customer at time of quotation. It is so easy. Thank you for your training session, we now have 3 team members using the device daily, saving time and money. We would recommend the DISTO ™ D8 and your service if required. Many thanks.

Chris Smart – Solar Panels Surveyor December 2009

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